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Dealing with a contract breach can have detrimental repercussions on any business’s operation and financial stability. However, parties can breach contracts for many reasons. It could be due to unexpected business conditions, because the party that is supposed to provide the agreed-upon goods or services does not have the ability to fulfill that obligation, or because the other party failed to perform. If your business or operations have been affected or compromised because of a contract breach, or someone has alleged your company breached an agreement,  Attorney Wade McClure will relentlessly pursue the case. Whether this means writing a letter to the other party, obtaining an injunction, or pursuing litigation, Mr. McClure has the experience and legal acumen to know what it takes. 

Dallas contract disputes lawyer Wade McClure helps his clients enforce contracts whether they have been written by another party or by his client. He can also help you defend against a breach of contract claim, and can give guidance on ways to  avoid contract disputes by writing contracts with strong, irrefutable language.

Contract Disputes Lawyer

Areas of Contractual Disputes

Attorney Wade McClure has successfully dealt with contractual disputes in many areas, including the following:

  • Business contract disputes
  • Property disputes
  • Business lease disputes
  • Warranty and indemnity claims
  • LLC Operating Agreement disputes
  • Real Estate Investment Agreement disputes
  • Construction Agreement disputes
  • Misrepresentation claims
  • Sale and supply of goods and service

Methods for Contract Dispute Resolution

Attorney Wade McClure’s track record when it comes to resolving contract disputes involves the application and use of any available method to achieve his clients’ stated objective. Some of the most common methods used in these cases are:


With mediation, both parties agree to meet with an objective third party to help direct them towards a resolution of the problem that satisfies them both. Each party is present with their dispute resolution attorney and, if an agreement is reached, this forms a new contract between the parties. The strength of this contract lies in the fact that it can be enforced by a court of law should a party breach it is generally faster and less formal than litigation.

Mediation is less costly than traditional litigation and gives each party the opportunity to have direct input in the resolution of the dispute. In some cases, this fact alone is enough to preserve the relationship between the parties. Mediation is confidential and can take place virtually during these difficult times. 


Your contract may contain an arbitration clause, which will require the parties to use a more private dispute resolution process instead of going to court. This method only works when both parties agree to participate and no party can unilaterally withdraw. Arbitration is confidential and the decision by the arbitrator is final and enforceable.

If your contract includes an arbitration provision, an arbitration clause to resolve contract disputes attorney Wade McClure will prepare a strategy that will address the points under dispute and will accompany you to all the sessions of the arbitration.  


Going to court is, in many cases, the only way to put an end to a contract dispute. It is usually the best way to approach complex business contract breaches and works best when substantial legal matters must be resolved.

Evidence Needed for a Successful Contract Dispute Lawsuit 

To win a contract dispute lawsuit in Texas, you must be able to prove that:

  • A valid and enforceable contract exists.
  • You are the proper party to the contract.
  • The party you are seeking to hold liable was another party to the contract.
  • You fully performed your obligations under the contract but the other party did not perform its contractual obligations. 
  • The fact that these obligations were not carried out resulted in damages to you or your business.

Resolving Business Disputes in Dallas, TX

Attorney Wade McClure understands that each contract dispute is as unique as the parties involved in it. That is why he uses his extensive expertise to determine which is the best way to approach a contractual dispute and help your business resolve any contract violations. Make an appointment today.

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